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Day 45 - Last day of the cruise


Sad day indeed. Last Battle of the Sexes and the women lose, and although each team has won two sectors a tally of points indicate the men won overall.

Christine has had a win on the pokies finally and is able to make a withdrawal giving her pounds to contribute to the tips. After discussing tipping with Adrian it looks like we should re-evaluate our level of tips again. This is done and the envelopes prepared. We find Rajesh and give him his envelope and thank him for everything he did for us. Then down to dinner where we add to the envelope for Senthil who had to leave us in Jordan as his brother had had a serious accident. After dinner we gave Godfrey and Girish their envelopes and thanked them for everything including the laughs.

Dinner tonight was an extra special occasion as it was also Ance's birthday. Raymond bought in a huge bottle of champagne, which was really nice of him. We sat there with party hats on with many a strange look from other diners but we didn't care. Everyone was packed and ready for the next mornings disembarkation. We all headed to the Palladium theatre for the last show of the cruise, it was a repeat but it was the last show so we had to go again. We got seats in the front row of the balcony but the Mike called out to us so we moved to sit with them. At the end of the show they got us to put an arm around the people on either side, sway and sing. It was a really nice memory for our last night and it was so good that we were able to share the moment with our table mates. As usual we went up to the Crows Nest for the last quiz before hot beverages with Mike and Janet on the Aquarius pool deck. It was a very enjoyable last night on board Arcadia. We have Raymond's and Adrian's emal addresses and Janet gave us their address and phone number so we can keep in touch. Hopefully that will happen.

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