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Day 44 - At sea


Another at sea day with the usual activities. Up on the pool decks there is still sun so the Brits are still sunbathing everyday, the rest of us are wearing cardigans. It is a very quite day all round, Battle of the sexes was about the only activity apart from eating, drinking and chatting.

Tonight is our last Black tie night - there had to be an end sometime! The Captain is throwing yet another party around the Neptune Pool. They had left part of the roof open so it was freezing up there. Finally they must have received enough complaints and closed it more. Kay joined Raymond and Ance while Christine joined a discussion with Siobhan, Jenny and Randolph who were talking to a ship's officer, she then moved up to where Mike and Janet were as it seemed a lot warmer there. After a little while the Captain came out and gave a speech. Last party he was flanked by the security team, this time it was just him and his Deputy Captain. He made mention of the number of miles travelled for those who had been on board from the start, the number of meals served as well as many other statics. In these he did say he personally had his photo taken by the Ship's Photographers over 6,000 times (I forgot the exact number) quickly followed by of which only 15 have been purchased so go see and buy them! He once again mentioned that passengers have mentioned that they don't trust him after his weight adjustment scheme on April Fools day. He also mentioned some of the stupid questions he has been asked along the way, including -
'How far above sea level are we?'
'Do the crew sleep on board when not on duty.'
'Does the ship generate its own electricity?'

Thankfully none of these questions were asked by us! We were all late for dinner tonight but no one seemed to care. After dinner we went to Marti Webb's show, a bother British (I think) vocalist. She sang many familiar songs and was quite entertaining. We had another great night which finished with the quiz and hot drinks with Mike and Janet.

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