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Day 40 - At sea


Once again a sea day, so we had breakfast ( Kay around 9.30 or 10 and Christine closer to lunch), talks for Kay, Battle of the Sexes, lunch for Kay, chatting, afternoon tea then a little rest up before dinner. Today was a little different for Christine, there were back to back sessions she wanted to attend in the afternoon. Kay was interested in some but not others.

First session at midday was the usual Battle of the Sexes the women were behind but it was still fun. Same venue was then used for a special Name that Tune UK vs Aussies so Christine stayed in her seat and waited for others to join her which soon happened. During the quiz, Dom explained that they would be doing an Officers and Crew Talent show and he thought it would be a good idea for them to do a Queen song in short skirts, fishnets, high heels etc. We all agreed, he then suggested that the next Entertainment Team member to walk past the pub should be conned into doing it. He said he hoped it was one of the guys. About 10 minutes later, Paul walked past, we all called out and in he came. There was a bit of banter, some audience cheering and the deed was done. Knowing he had been ambushed Paul pointed out that there was more than one group member in Queen and he should have company, cheer if you think Dom should do it too - we all cheered. After Paul left we were jokingly accused of turning on Dom we laughed! Christine's table, with a lot of input from her won the quiz along with 2 other tables. A good achievement even in a fun quiz like Dom's version of Name that tune that was for the most part a sing along. It really was a lot of fun, even all 2-300 of us jumping up and down doing Skippy imitations.

Then a change of venue to the Palladium theatre for the Arcadia's version of the UK Give us a Clue game with two teams from the crew with John Lyons and Gareth Oliver making up the numbers. Assistant Cruise Director Paul hosted the game that involved one by one calling up members from each team, giving them a charade to act out and the other two members of their team had to guess within a time limit. Of course there was a twist, although Paul insisted that the titles were selected at random they seemed to match the person acting them out in some way. The only female, Pheobe, who is in the Headliners Theatre Company was a very good sport. She laughed off the guys antics and flirting from Paul. He gave her "Baywatch" to start, her team Dom and Gareth who said they knew what it was earlier they just wanted to see what she would do next and they liked her slow motion running. Dom got "Moby Dick" as his first and Gareth got "Puppet on a string". Apparently Paul wasn't too happy with Dom over the cross dressing ambush. On the other team, Entertainment Team member Paul got "Carry on Camping", Deputy Captain Tom Connery got "Dance with the Captain" and John Lyons got "A touch of Frost" the second round was similar as was the third with the exception that Dom got "The naked chef" rather than another Dick title. John made it funnier when they didn't get his first one guessing A touch of cold instead, he exclaimed I only did that show for about 15 years, where were you?. Pheobe got "When Harry met Sally" and finally resorted to doing a mime of 'that' scene while sitting on Paul's lap. He said he was glad he didn't need to stand up for a while. She got bonus points from him for that, so the game ended in a tie. The tie breaker was a matter of two team members acting out as many of the displayed words as they could within the time limit, with one team member guessing. When Dom and Gareth acted out the Karma Sutra Christine laughed so hard she thought she was going to burst. It was a totally hilarious session that words here cannot do adequate justice.

Assistant Cruise Director Paul Lau then put on a Cabaret performance. He is a very talented young man, he told us about his girlfriend. We looked around at Pheobe who was sitting in the audience and he said no not Pheobe, my girlfriend works on another P&O ship . He then stopped for a moment obviously reflecting on his actions and said well I am probably digging myself into a hole. Well yes you are! It was a great show, he has a lovely voice.

Next stop was the Belvedere for afternoon tea, then back to the cabin for a rest before dinner. Another black tie dinner ..... Say no more on that subject! At dinner we laughed recalling some of the day's activities. Then we all headed around to the Palladium to see Eliot Pace, another popular British singer. He was a real showman and talked to the audience as well as the other musicians on stage during his performance. After the show we played cards with Adrian and Lana before heading up to the Crows Nest at 10.30 for the quiz. Tonight we had a team of 6 and we did better than the previous night. Lots of laughs, some surprising knowledge in the group and some good and bad guesses! Time for a hot chocolate before bed. Tomorrow we stop at Palma de Majorca.

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