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Day 38 - At sea


Again today we have the usual at sea activities, but there are no more Port talks. This afternoon, after Battle of the sexes finished the Captain gave a 'Virtual Bridge Tour' in the Palladium theatre. Christine went along, sat close to the front to see and hear all the Captain had to say. He cannot actually show us through the bridge due to security protocols but he and some of his officers with help from the ships photographers have put together some slides showing us the bridge, during the day and at night, the positions the officers take depending on the type of watch, the main instruments they work with and the complications involved with coming into and exiting ports. Before crossing over to ships, he was a pilot so he explained some of the adjustments he had to make. He was instrumental in establishing safety checklists that were introduced across the fleet. For this he was awarded the Merchant Navy Medal, a great achievement. After his presentation he answered questions from the audience, one was about loss of electricity, how do they navigate when the power goes out. His answer involved there being a room containing dozens of car batteries that are hooked up as a back up and the room laughed. He said 'I don't know why you are laughing its true'. The man sitting next to Christine called out 'after that ship leaning episode we don't trust anything you say' more laughter including from the Captain. He had no response to that. All in all a good talk, although his video clip at the end showing our departure from Salalah didn't play properly. The Captain has shown he has a sense of humour, is personable and approachable to passengers, this certainly didn't happen on Princess.

Leaving the Palladium, Christine stopped off at the Rising Sun bar to catch the end of the 'Name that tune' antics. Dom certainly has some fun instructing the participants in this quiz to do really silly things like skippy impersonations, the Macarena, and even some version of Gangnam style - can't get away from that anywhere it seems! She leaves before it finishes as the boat regatta is starting in about 30 minutes and she wants to get a good spot. Meanwhile Kay is battling it out in the laundrettes, trying to get some clothes washed and dried. The regatta is a bit of a laugh, they are conducting it in the Aquarius pool, passengers who signed up for this were given time to build boats from items found around the ship. Given one had solar panels I suspect they knew this was coming and either bought it from home or made some smart purchases on shore. Some teams really put a lot of effort into their boat. As well as having a nice looking vessel, it needs to be able to hold 6 cans of drink even through stormy waters. The storm is created by Dom and Nick dive bombing right next to the boat creating almighty waves. Yes, I have pictures of this! A good laugh although many in the crowd were disappointed by the winning entry suspecting some type of pay off.... Hmmmmmmm.

Christine moved onto the Neptune pool with a cup of tea where she found Adrian and Lana playing cards, again. She tries to distract Adrian with conversation as is her arrangement with Lana but it doesn't work and he wins over and over. Today is Grand National day so the punters amongst the Brits are discussing their picks. Christine has chosen a couple for a it of a flutter, and one runs second. In Australia it is also Golden Slipper day, and she has a flutter there also. In checking the internet after the race she she's that. Nathan Berry was remembered which was good to see.

Not much more to report for today, Christine is getting better but Kay is starting to show symptoms, not good!

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